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Find your spirit in the wild through nature connected learning adventures.

Egmont, British Columbia, is ideally situated on the Sunshine Coast, only two hours from Vancouver. The area has beautiful walking trails as well as lakes and ocean inlets that offer awesome routes for exploring and discovering nature. Your guide will provide you with a safe and informative tour of discovery with a focus on cultural history, nature and fun.

Greg Rushton has been guiding and teaching kayaking for over 30 years. He is also a naturalist and professional photographer.

We offer a selection of tours that include *a kayaking lesson *nature connected awareness *safety * tea and snacks *shore time on the longer tours.

Guided Ocean Kayak Tours

Tours include sea kayak, paddle, safety gear and spray skirt.

The Harbour Seal Tour: 2 hours

This is a great introduction to Ocean Kayaking and the area. An initial lesson will cover the basics of kayak safety and paddling before we head out to paddle. Our tour will be customized based on weather and skill levels as we explore the harbour area. There are seal haul-outs, kelp beds and shorelines to explore. You will learn about the natural and cultural history of BC or just be in the moment in a beautiful environment. A floating tea and snack break will also be included.

$ 60.00 plus tax per person. 2 – 4 people. Starts at 10:15 am daily.


The Inlet Explorer Tour: 3 hours

This is an opportunity to further improve your ocean kayak skills as well as discover the best way to see the coast, close and personal. Our route will be weather and skill level dependent as we travel from Sechelt Inlet into Jervis Inlet exploring the coastline and discovering the many natural wonders of the area including seal haul- outs, waterfalls, kelp beds and wildlife. We will be stopping for a tea and snack break as well.

$75.00 plus tax per person. 2 – 4 people. Starts at 2 pm daily.


Harmony Islands Tours: Day Tour

The Harmony Islands, located in Hotham Sound has warm still waters that run deep, great swimming as well as one of Canada’s tallest waterfalls. This tour is a great way to explore and connect with our west coast wilderness, in a safe and accessible setting. This tour is for strong kayakers. We will depart from Egmont and paddle 2.5 hours to get to the islands. There will be a superb shore lunch and rest time as well as the opportunity to explore the area by kayak. A water taxi will take us back to Egmont after a three-hour stay in the Harmony islands. This is a full day of BC adventure fun.

$300.00 plus tax per person. 2 – 4 people.


Full Moon Tours and Bioluminescence Tours: dates based on weather and the time of the month. 2 hours

These are night tours that focus on safety and fun as we experience the Oceans in a unique way that few have had the opportunity to enjoy. The silence opens our senses as we glide through the water almost as if we are flying. On the Full Moon Tour the moonlight guides us as we connect with the dusk and nocturnal world. The Bioluminescence Tour gives us a surreal experience. Living organisms emit light that causes the water to glow, our paddles and boat, as well as any movement in the ocean accent this offering, a dance of light as we paddle in darkness. This is a beautiful way to connect with the mysteries and wonders of nature. 

$80.00 plus tax per person. 2 – 4 people.


Kayak Lessons

Our kayak lessons will be tailored based on the clients skill and interest and will be from 2 hours to a full day in length. 

$40.00 plus tax per person. 2 – 4 people. Starts at 9 am daily.
Options may include the following:

*Sea kayaking introduction for beginners

*Stroke improvement

*Rescue and rolls

*Kayaking for kids 

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